Apps on Apps: Extending Your Google Drive

This is one aspect of the file synchronization tools that has always been fascinating to watch.  Sure, you can put a file in one place and see it auto-magically copy itself to another.  But the interesting thing with the cloud is how many developers choose to build on top of other cloud apps.

These new apps provide very focused functionality that improves the underlying app.  For example, the ability to send a fax with Hello Fax can be tied directly to your Google account, so that an incoming fax is deposited on your Google Drive.

Here are some recent collections of apps to extend Google Drive and Dropbox.  For what it’s worth, I think these posts that say “that make X better than Y” should largely be ignored.  If you’re able to be more productive in your own environment, great.  But these aren’t the sorts of things that are going to make the grass look greener on the other side of the … er … cloud.

8 Extensions that Make Google Drive Better than Dropbox:  I particularly like the right-click menu extensions.  It allows you to save an image or text from a Web page directly as a file in your Google Drive.  It looks a bit like the Evernote Web Clipper.

37 Google Drive Apps:  this is a very complete, although not always relevant-to-law-practice set of things you can attach to your Google Drive account.  In most cases, the activity happens on the other company’s site but is automated to integrate with your Google Drive.  HelloSign, HelloFax, and Google Forms are ones you might not have seen or used before.


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