Star Pagination in Google Legal Scholar

An extension for Google Chrome Web browser researchers brings familiar star pagination to the case law available on Google Legal Scholar.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, judicial decisions added to electronic databases sometimes came from printed law reports, with those old-fashioned doohickeys called page numbers.  Those are hard to represent in online databases since most cases are a stream of text, without pagination.  Star paging appears so that you can tell where the print page occurred in the online document:  an asterisk (star) next to the page number.

The extension takes the normal page number placement on Google Scholar and moves it into the text.  I was surprised that the cases in Google Scholar would be able to recognize where the pagination goes.  I tested it on a few U.S. Federal court cases and compared the results to a fee-based database, and the pagination matched the fee-based systems.

As one of the comments on the installation page indicates, star paging can help a lot if you are using Google Scholar and doing a pinpoint cite.

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