Improve File Management With QuickJump and MessageSave

A constant time challenge when you are managing electronic files is how to move information quickly between two locations.  Say you have your e-mail folders structured in a certain way and you also have your computer file folders organized in the same fashion, how do you quickly get content from one place to another.

Lawyer Lawrence King of Colorado posted a great tip to Technolawyer about how Microsoft Outlook users can use two utilities (one free, one US$40) from Techhit to make taking e-mail content and saving it electronically in your file system much easier.  You can read his full post here (requires subscription to Technolawyer).  In essence, he uses MessageSave to get the e-mail out of Outlook and QuickJump to locate the file folder into which it should be placed.  Unlike normal browsing through folders, clicking down into each new one until you find the right folder, QuickJump allows you to start typing the folder name and it offers suggested folders.  If you have organized your file system on your computer by client name and matter, this can be an easy way to get right to the appropriate folder.

You may already know about Techhit’s SimplyFile e-mail utility, which is mentioned in Finding and Managing Legal Information Online.

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