E-mail Your Research Notes into Evernote, Better Than Ever

I mention the Evernote research notebook in the FLI text and it has some great features on your computer.  They have just announced improvements to their Web version (to which you can synchronize your computer-based notebooks for better access) .  One that caught my eye was the ability to e-mail a note into a notebook.  I like any tool that enables you to avoid having to visit and log in to a site to use it.  Anytime I can search from my Google Chrome Omnibox or save a bookmark into Delicious without going there, I’m happy.

Evernote’s new e-mail feature works the same way.  You could already e-mail a note into Evernote, but now you can send it into the specific notebook into which you want it placed.

If you’re an Evernote user, here is the blog posting with information about the new feature and how to use it.  If you’re not using Evernote or another research notebook, this free tool can really change how you research, for the better.

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