Bundle Up With Firefox Extensions

I mention more than a dozen extensions in the text that you can use to enhance your research using Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser.  If you want a shortcut to add a bunch of useful extensions that (a) someone has identified for you and (b) that are bundled with other, relevant extensions, you want to look at Mozilla’s add on collections.

The obvious choice for lawyers and legal researchers is the Reference Desk bundle, although most of these will not improve your Web browser search experience.  I’m biased, but I think you’ll get better mileage with the ones I mention in the text!!

Perhaps it helps to look at them in a different way.  If you are a heavy Mozilla Firefox user, there are collections that will make your experience faster:  shortcuts, utilities to zoom images and perform other custom actions.  Take a look at the popular collections as well as the ones created by the editors.  You will find more collections, and they include some add-ons you might not otherwise stumble upon.

Google Chrome users will need to search for the 10 best or favorite lists of Chrome extensions; they are not gathered together.  Internet Explorer users will need to consider switching to Chrome or Firefox to really leverage extensions.

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