Better Social Inbox Management on Your BlackBerry

I am neither a Xobni user nor a BlackBerry user (I know, heresy this close to Research in Motion’s HQ) but if you are, you should be adding the new Xobni app to your BlackBerry.  Microsoft Outlook users probably already know about Xobni (inbox backwards), either their free version or Xobni Plus.  It meshes with the concept I discuss in the text, which is that add-ons are going to change e-mail clients the same way they have impacted Web browsers.  Xobni looks at your e-mail information – contacts, message content, attachments – and aggregates it and gives you information about it.

Now you can have that power on your BlackBerry.  The Web Worker Daily blog has a great overview of what the app will do.  For BlackBerry users who might not be feeling much love since Mozilla isn’t developing a version of Firefox for you, this is a nice improvement for e-mail management on the go.

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