Bing Broadens Social Media Search

Whether you want to find more about a currently trending topic on the Web or learn what people are saying about you, social media is a great resource to mine.  The trouble is applying search tools to it.  Until now, the focus has been on Twitter, with both Bing’s initial search foray and Google’s Replay focused on showing real-time streams from that popular microblogging site.

Now Bing is expanding to the other major social media site, Facebook.  This can be helpful since there is so much more activity on Facebook, more extensive content being added, and pages and profiles being auto generated by the Facebook system.

It is still limited – searching Twitter and Facebook is only a part, even a large part, of social content available on the Web – but it can be a great starting point.

Unfortunately, when I took a look at the search, it was down and they were trying to restart the service.’s Twitter search did not pull up the same results as a Google search of Twitter posts.  You may find that you still need to look in more than one location to find posts by a particular user (@davidpwhelan) or on a given topic, with the hash tag (#legalit).

The inclusion may be helpful if you are monitoring your online reputation or those of your clients, as you may find system-created content faster using a more comprehensive search than the tools available at a particular social media site.

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