Extend Your Web Browser Sync

I have already talked on this site about synchronizing your Web browser preferences, which is native in Google Chrome 5 and is now a part of Mozilla Firefox through the Weave project.  One thing that none of the synchronization tools has done, though, is to ensure that you are running the same add-ons or extensions on each installation of your browser.  This is not a huge issue, because you are probably not adding and changing extensions as often as you are bookmarks.  But there are still times when you add an extension to Google Chrome and you may not remember to add it wherever else you work.

Google has released a new feature into their developer stream that will change that.  If you use Google Chrome, you have three choices.  You can go with the latest stable version, the beta version, or you can join the developer version.  The last two may not be available on all operating systems, and are more likely to have problems in them, since they are still being modified and improved until they move to the stable stream.  If you cannot wait for extension sync, you can download the developer version of Chrome.  Otherwise, sit tight and look forward to this time-saving improvement to Google Chrome.

[Via the ReadWriteWeb]

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