Give Your Bookmarklets Some Ooomph

When I moved to the Incredible Start Page as my replacement home page, I found that my bookmarks bar was too cluttered to work well in this new layout.  I moved most of my bookmarks into one of two folders, my primary folder and a utility folder.  My primary folder appears on my Incredible Start Page so I have easy access to my most commonly used links, just like a speed dial home page.  All of my bookmarklets went into the utility folder, where I can still get quick access to them and they don’t clutter up the bookmark bar.

I was not impressed, then, when I read the Lifehacker post on the Bookmarklet Combiner.  It creates a folder-ish object (also a bookmarklet)  that contains all of your bookmarklets.  As far as that goes, it provides no more utility than creating your own folder and dropping your own bookmarklets in.  Where the Bookmarklet Combiner has a bit more power, however, is that you can have it execute multiple bookmarklets as a set.  So, for example, if you wanted to send the URL to one location but also send it to your read for later list, you could do that without two clicks.

This is a good example of the interesting solutions people develop to make their Web experience more efficient.  This particular one does not fit into the way I work but if you like macros or rely heavily on bookmarklets, it may be a good one for you to add.

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