Find How Frequently Your Cases are Cited

Google Scholar provides information about how often an article is cited by other articles in the Scholar universe.  Type in a query like feasibility and viability of the digital library in the private law firm and you will see that the article was cited by 14 others.  (Yes, I know, shameless self promotion!)

Now you can see the same information on Google Scholar’s case law search.  An advanced search on Arkansas cases using the word accretion resulted in a half dozen cases.  Clicking on the first one shows the case, but a new tab is there, called How Cited.  Click it to see the other cases in the Google database that refer to the case.

Arkansas case on Google Scholar
Search result on Google Scholar showing Arkansas case on accretion with citation results

This is a popular feature.  Westlaw Canada just announced that it had citation frequency for its cases, and CanLII has offered a similar function on its cases for some time.  You can run a search on Canadian case law and then sort by most cited.

My favorite of the citation frequency tools remains Fastcase’s Interactive Timeline, which gives you a visual of where your case sits within the entire universe of Fastcase’s database.

Interactive Timeline shows legal research case law citation frequency
Interactive Timeline shows legal research case law citation frequency

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