Online File Conversions Make Files Accessible

There has been some recent chatter about Web sites that convert files.  You may have been in the predicament of having a file in one format (say, WordPerfect 6.1) and being unable to open it in another program.  These online sites can help you by making the conversion for you.

The site choices are overwhelming so here are just a few that have been mentioned recently and seem to have good options for source and destination formats:

When you find a file in a format that either you cannot open or do not want to use as a permanent storage format (like Wordperfect or a video or image format), these online services can be great resources.  Some of them enable you to copy and paste the URL of the file to be converted, so that you do not have to first download the source file, then upload it, then download the converted file.  This is similar to a recent Google improvement, where you can load a Microsoft Word document from a Web site directly into a Google viewer, avoiding the download step.

As with any online service, be aware of what you are converting.  These services require you to upload the original, source document.  That document is stored on some server, somewhere.  The converted document may be mailed to you or a link to the converted document may be mailed to you.  If you are not comfortable with that content being available on a remote Web server (confidential, trade secret, whatever), you should probably either purchase a secure online conversion tool or purchase software that keeps the content on your machines.

[ Thx to Lee Rosen for tip on Zamzar ]

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