Meta-Bookmarklet: Search for the Right Bookmarklet

I’ve touched on some other bookmarklets, both in the text and here at the FLI blog, and Marklets is different yet again from anything I’ve seen before.  You can visit the Marklets site to do a search to find bookmarklets that might fit your research need.  In addition to the search, you can use a Marklets bookmarklet so that, in the midst of research, you can quickly run a search to find the appropriate bookmarklet, apply it, and continue with your research.

If you are just getting started with tuning your online research, it looks like this could be a great help.  Unlike Web browser add-ons, bookmarklets may not be posted on your Web browser’s site so this database may provide a shortcut to find things that otherwise are scattered across the Web.  Since bookmarklets typically will work in any Web browser, this can be a great resource for users of Web browsers with fewer extensions, like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari.  If you have already hit some of the sites I mention in the text or on the blog, then you may find it less useful.  Keep Marklets in mind when you think there should be an app for that!

[Via Lifehacker]

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