Search Google Mail, Docs, and Sites All at Once

Lawyers who have started to move their practices into the cloud may be using a number of the free Google applications.  If you are using Google Mail and the Google Docs or Google wiki tool called Sites, you can now do a global search across all areas.  The Google Operating System blog describes this lab feature that you can activate in your GMail account.

Once you have activated the feature, you should see your search mail button change to search mail and docs.  Your search results will be segmented, with e-mail appearing first and Google Docs and Sites matches below.  You can click on a link on the Docs and Sites results header to show just non-email results.

These free apps shouldn’t be confused with the paid version called Google Apps, which comes with tighter integration and additional functionality through the Google Apps Marketplace.

I activated the feature and it is nice to see results returning from both Mail and Docs accounts.  So far it is not returning anything from my Google Sites so I will be investigating further to see why that content appears to be excluded.  However, the increasing integration between the free Google apps is a bonus for any solo or small law firm who is relying on these tools.  Searching across areas can be more efficient than having multiple apps open at once.

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