Lawyers Can Discover More with Iterasi

Iterasi began as one of a number of stand-out, free research notebook tools.  The company has now developed a line of products directly aimed at lawyers, particularly litigators.  PageNotary is a Web clipper on steroids, grabbing not just individual pages but digging deep into sites, crawling and saving extensive amounts of content.  I mention a number of stand-alone products like this in the book, but PageNotary keeps everything in the cloud.  It also says it can dig into password-protected, firewalled content.

The IterasiArchives product appears to be an umbrella for Iterasi’s other products, the PageNotary and postivepress tools.  It enables you not only to manage the sites and content you have spidered and indexed, but also monitor social media and real-time streams, including RSS.

If you have the Finding and Managing Legal Information book, you’ll notice that I discuss the free Iterasi notebook.  This is ideal for solos or individual research needs, but is now hard to find on the Iterasi Web site.  You can still sign up for a free Iterasi account and the main login link will allow you to login later.

One of the reasons I like Iterasi is that it is one of the most powerful research extensions available for Internet Explorer.  If you are using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you can download an extension to make clipping easier.  Google Chrome and researchers with other Web browsers can download the bookmarklet at the same link.

The shift of Iterasi into the legal vertical market specifically will be interesting to watch.  There are already dozens if not hundreds of cloud-based e-discovery and litigation products.  Iterasi has already proven itself as a research and clipping tool and it will be interesting to see these broader efforts mature.

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