Google Instant Encourages Slower Research

You may be used to going to your favorite Web search engine and typing in a query, hitting the search button and looking at your results.  The availability of Google Instant provides you with an alternative:  you can now start to see whether your search query is finding anything.  It may actually encourage you to slow down your typing to see what matches you get before you finish entering your search query.

If I am interested in a real property issue related to accretion, I can start to type that into my Google search box.  First, I start to see search suggestions appear and the search results below them show matches to my first keyword.

Google Search Suggestions
Google Search Suggestions

I can quickly scan my top results to see what I am retrieving and then consider my next keyword and watch as the results change while I’m typing.  If you are testing out keywords as you are beginning your search, Google Instant can help you to try out words without requiring you to run multiple searches.

One drawback to using Google Instant is that you cannot use it from your Web browser search bar.  Those searches work just the way they always have. Google Chrome is adding functionality that will start to mimic the instant results you get on their search page.

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