Good Bye to XMarks. Sync with Your Browser Instead

While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer retains a lead in the marketplace due to corporate inertia, it is losing one of its best add-ons.  XMarks was popular as a bookmark synchronization tool that worked in all major Web browsers.  But Firefox has added Sync, the extension formerly known as Weave, and Google Chrome is funneling full synchronization – add-ons, bookmarks, etc. – through its development process.

Synchronization can be great.  I use it for two purposes.  First, I work from 4 different systems (2 different operating systems) , so I need to have some uniformity among the systems.  With Google’s sync, I can be confident that every browser install has the same bookmarks, extensions, etc.  I still have to configure the extensions separately but I’m hoping that will change too.  Also, it works as a great backup tool.  I recently added a computer to my environment and, once I’d downloaded and installed Google Chrome, immediately had a full copy of all my bookmarks and other customizations.

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