Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Instant

My computer is optimized to try to keep my hands either on the keyboard or keep the mouse at the top of the screen.  The less time I spend moving a mouse pointer around to click on things, the better.  If you’re like me – preferring to keep your hands on the keyboard while you work on the computer – you’ll be interested in the keyboard shortcuts available on Google.

First, they’re only available on Google Instant.  So you will need to make sure it’s active (look for the small Instant On menu to the right of your Google search query when you’re looking at search results).  But once you’ve executed your query, you can use your arrow keys to move up and down the page and hit Enter to select a link.

But wait, there’s more!  You can also tab through the optional links on any search result.  If you want to see what the cached copy of a page looked like, or get a quick preview of a PDF, you can tab to that link next to the your search result and then hit Enter.

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