Securing Your Online Access for E-mail, Research Data

When you are managing online information, you are probably storing some of that information online, whether it’s your Web-based e-mail or your online bookmarks.  I wrote a piece for the blog in September on using encrypted connections.  But your connection is just one piece of the puzzle.

Google has added a help tool in its support area to help you assess your online security.  It is a checklist that walks you through a number of possible risk areas, including your computer, your Web browser, your Google accounts and, if you use it, your Gmail settings.  In some ways, it’s almost too general to be helpful.  It doesn’t actually test anything.  But if you aren’t sure what your possible threat areas are, it may be able to identify some of them.  It even has a progress meter, to show how many of the steps you’ve completed.  This meter didn’t actually work for me, but if it does for you, it can help you to get a sense of how much work you might need to do to harden your online access!

[via Lifehacker]

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