Turn Your Bookmarks Into Pearls

There has been a lot of buzz about the possible elimination of Yahoo!’s Delicious bookmarks service.  If you are considering alternatives to Delicious and especially a new home for your bookmarks, you might give Pearltrees a try.

Delicious.com is a service where, instead of storing your bookmarks or favorites as they are known in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, you store them online.  Delicious allows you to add notes to your bookmarks and organize them with keywords, called tags.  It also suggests tags from other Delicious users, and you can look up other people’s bookmarks – if they make them public – based on shared tags.

Pearltrees works the same, but in a visual way.  You create a pearl, which is either a link or a node (trunk? branch? limb?) and arrange similar links around it.  Unlike Delicious, it doesn’t enable tagging and you can’t place a pearl in multiple trees without duplicating it.

A Snapshot of a Pearltree

Search for others people’s pearls and they will be spread across the screen according to relevance.  Arrows on the top, bottom, and both sides enable you to slide the screen to outlying search results, which get sparser the further you get away from the center.  Your pearled bookmarks can also be navigated in a folder-like drop down, so that your trees are shown hierarchically, like typical bookmark folders.

Pearltrees has some other nice features.   If you use Twitter, you can link it to your Pearltrees account and it will start to pearl links that you include in your messages.  If you are a Delicious.com user now, you can import all of your Delicious bookmarks and they will be converted into pearls.  You will lose your Delicious tags and will need to organize them into pearl trees.

My Pearltrees in case you want to see how the interface works.

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