Search Your Personal Cloud with Greplin

I ran across an old New York Times article mentioning Greplin, an interesting cloud search tool.  The site will index your information from online services you use, sites like  productivity tools like Google Docs and GMail and Evernote to social media and research tools like Facebook and Twitter to file storage sites like and  Lawyers who are moving their practice further into the cloud and off their local machine may need a replacement for the desktop or internal search tools they were using.  Greplin is a great option.  Here’s a 4 minute screencast on how it works:

The Greplin index remains on their servers so, like all cloud-based content, lawyers should consider whether the index – which contains the text of files stored the services Greplin searches for you – contains confidential information.  You should review their privacy policy and particularly the section on encryption.

I have had an account with Greplin for awhile and was converted to a free account when they rolled out a premium version.  I haven’t been a big fan because I search from my browser and rarely remembered to go to the Greplin site in order to search.

They have fixed that and rolled out a Google Chrome extension for the service.  Now that I can search from my browser without going anywhere, it is more likely to become an integral tool for me.

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