Make Your Right Click Menu Do Magic with Spellbook

Bookmarks (or Favorites, as they are known on Internet Explorer) enable you to save a link to a page so that you can return to it in the future. A close relative of the bookmark is the bookmarklet.  It usually blends a link to a site with some additional code so that, when you click on it, an additional action is performed.  For example, if you use the sidebar bookmarklet, it opens a window and automatically shortens the URL of the page you are viewing.  As you add these bookmarklets to your research experience, you can organize them in a folder for easy access.  The only drawback to having them in a folder is that you may forget what you have in that folder unless you use them regularly.

One way to keep them more visible, if you use Google Chrome, is to add the Spellbook extension to put them on your right-click menu.  Internet Explorer users since version 7 will be familiar with this concept.  Highlight a word on a Web page, place your mouse beside it and click your right mouse button, and a number of options appear including Internet Explorer Accelerators.  The Accelerators work very much like bookmarklets, in that you can send the text to be translated or inserted into a blog or saved to some other location.

As Lifehacker explains, Spellbook works the same way.  It becomes an entry on your Google Chrome right-click menu, so that once you are looking at a page and right-click, you will see Spellbook in the menu list.  Select Spellbook, and you casee all of your bookmarklets and can select the one you want to use.  How does it know which bookmarklets to use?  You place them in a bookmarklets folder and Spellbook uses that to create its menu.

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