Search Google and Your Evernote Research at the Same Time

Charles Hamilton at GigaOm has a nice roundup of updates to Evernote’s Android app that is worth a read.  If you are not using a research notebook yet, Evernote is definitely one to take a look at.  One of the functions I use is Evernote’s simultaneous search.  If you have used Google Desktop, this will be a familiar function for you.  When you search Google, your results are supplemented by returning results from your Evernote research notebooks.

Evernote's Simultaneous Search on Google
Evernote's Simultaneous Search on Google supplements your results with information from your notebooks.

If you aren’t using simultaneous search, you can activate it by right-clicking on your Google Chrome Evernote Web Clipper extension or going into your add-ons options for Firefox. Internet Explorer, or Safari.

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