Windows Mesh and Microsoft SkyDrive are Dropbox Alternative

Online backup and file synchronization have gained a lot of interest since Dropbox came on the scene. Lawyers who are comfortable using the cloud for file storage can drop a file on their computer and have it automatically copied up to Dropbox’s servers. When you are out of the office, you can access those files from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also have those files automatically copied back down to another computer, keeping your home and office PCs synchronized. There are a number of other products that edo the same thing, including and Sugarsync.

Windows 7 users can also use Windows Mesh, which provides a synchronization tool to your Microsoft Skydrive account. While Skydrive provides 25 GB of free storage space, you can only sync 5GB of it using Mesh. This is comparable to the free storage of 2GB at Dropbox and 5GB at Sugarsync.

Why would you use Mesh instead of Dropbox? There is no question that Dropbox is the pre-eminent storage utility site, having been extended with extra scripts by its users or integrated into other products, like Rocket Matter’s practice management. If you need that extra space, though, it is nice to have some archival storage space up in the cloud. Using a Microsoft sync product may also mean that your overall environment is simplified by relying on their products for more of your functionality.

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