Realtime Search Diminished with Google’s Departure

Google has shuttered its Twitter-oriented search focused search, known as Google Realtime. The search was helpful because it retrieved more results than the default Twitter search, and included a timeline. You could quickly move through, and change, the results by focusing on a particular time. This was helpful for business intelligence (finding a Tweet sent out chronologically near to an event) as well as being a useful filter. Search Engine Land reports that Google’s contract with Twitter ended. You can still search Twitter messages by using Google Social Search but it’s not nearly as powerful and retrieves far more cluttered results. You can focus the search on Twitter (add to your search) but it does not retrieve all possible matches. A search on itself also has some strange limitations. You can scroll through all of the posts of an individual to find a message. I was able to scroll back through my own messages today, but when I chose an early one (late 2009 was early for me), the search term wouldn’t retrieve the message. I suppose I will be returning to my other Twitter archive tools, like Visitmix’s Archivist, as a way to capture information for future use. Perhaps this is just a lull before we start to see some new, interesting ways of mining social information again.

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