Organize and Share Your Search Results

Information Today highlighted a new search tool, called You can search at Searchteam’s site and save individual results into your account. Saved results can be sorted into tabbed folders, which can be useful if you are working on a specific legal research topic or focused on gathering competitive intelligence on a particular person or company.

Searchteam results include typical did you mean suggestions, but also flags matching subject areas, under subtopics as well as related categories. They will also highlight any folders that have been created for your Searchteam team, so that you do not duplicate previous efforts by someone else on the team.

And it is the team approach that could make this a powerful tool. Whether it is your law firm’s marketing staff or lawyers and staff in different offices, the focus is on asynchronous sharing. You can invite others to come and participate in the search, saving results to the same search folders or just accessing the results you have identified. By adopting a research notebook functionality, this works well both as an individual and group research tool. You can avoid sending repeated e-mails or maintaining document versions on topics that might be relatively fleeting in importance.

You can also add content to your Searchteam folders with their Web browser bookmarklet. This is helpful when you are not finding the relevant information in their search engine. As you move across the Web, you can select items to drop into your folders and which will then be accessible to your entire team, whether researchers or consumers of the research.

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