Minus Google Plus

One of the long standing tips for making better searches was to force Google to use a keyword. You could add the plus sign in front of the keyword or term of art and it would eliminate Google’s wiggle room for guessing alternates. If the plus sign was there, the search term was required for results to be relevant.

Google has eliminated the + sign from its search syntax, shifting instead to using quotations to ensure that something is considered as written, rather than looking for synonyms or alternate spellings.

If you might have searched for:

+parol AROUND(10) evidence

to find the term parol (as opposed to parole) within 10 words of the word evidence, you would now construct that search as:

“parol” AROUND(10) evidence

It is not a huge change but it is one of the more valuable to relearn.  Unfrotunately, you seem to get different results if you use just quotations around a word, so searches may not be as tight as they were before.