OneNote Comes to the iPad

Mashable notes that Microsoft has extended its research, note taking tool, OneNote, to the iPad.  OneNote is one of the programs available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite as well as one of the benefits of using the free Microsoft Office Web apps.  PC users can drop content onto pages within a OneNote file, without having to conform to typical limitations of a word processor – like attaching it to a margin.  A OneNote file can have multiple tabs, enabling you to organize a variety of related information:  deposition summaries, for example, or documents relevant to a particular witness.  There is even a free Microsoft Office OneNote trial notebook template.

Lawyers appear to have embraced the iPad as the tablet of choice so far, and OneNote’s availability on that device will only enhance it’s usefulness in law practice.  If you are already considering using an iPad for trial, OneNote might be just the application to support your litigation preparation.

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