Under Chrome’s Hood: Grouping Your Chrome Extensions

Modern Web browsers are powerful tools but they all can be improved and enhanced with add-ons or extensions.  These small software applications live inside the Web browser to provide extra features that the browser itself may be missing.  One issue with adding many extensions to your browser is that it can slow down your browser’s operation.  Another is that they become unwieldy to keep track of what is running and what is disabled.  Ghacks has an interesting post on the Context extension for Google Chrome.  It enables you to create groups of extensions so that you can turn on and off a grouping all at once.  This can be useful if you have a number of extensions for one purpose – say multimedia extensions that manage sound and video files – and you are doing some other sort of research.  Turn off extensions you aren’t using to speed up your browser, and save yourself from having to uninstall and reinstall extensions.

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