Get All the Tweets with allmytweets

Managing your online information can be a challenge, particularly if you use a service like social media where you may not control the delivery of the information.  allmytweets may be able to help if you are looking for Twitter messages to archive, whether yours or someone else’s.

When you send a Twitter message, it appears on your profile and is stored on Twitter’s servers.  You can use an external tool to create an archive (like Backupify) but it can be difficult to generate an archive of all your messages within Twitter’s site.  When you go to, the only question is the username for whom you want to retrieve all tweets.

It certainly appears to be all.  I retrieved my own account and saw what appear to be all 1,300 odd messages that I have sent to date.  Airtight Interactive, which created allmytweets, says it taps the public Twitter API, but I have to say it’s the most complete retrieval I’ve ever seen on a public tool.  The results are available in real-time, which I tested by deleting a couple of non-informational tweets and then resubmitting my username.  All three messages were gone.

If you are trying to freeze your own – or someone else’s profile for, say, litigation purposes – in time, allmytweets may be a great way to store an archive.

Hat tip to @EJWalters (Ed Walters, Fastcase) and NY Times’ columnist David @Pogue

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