Quick Online Manipulation of PDFs

Someone sent me a PDF the other day, needing it quickly turned into an editable file (Microsoft Word or some similar format).  Our organization long ago dropped a PDF editor from the standard software installed on our PCs so I had to hunt for an alternative.  It was too big for one of the sites I’ve mentioned here before, but I was able to use NewOCR.com to convert it.

Another question that comes up is how to merge multiple documents – Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. – into a single PDF.  This is another simple online task with free PDF tools on a site run by Eged Software.  You can upload the files you want to merge and save them as a PDF.   The Eged tools will also convert from PDF to text, allow you to rotate, and convert photos to PDF. If you are on the go and have access to the Internet but not your PDF editor (Adobe, of course, but also Nitro or PDF995), this can be an efficient way to perform some basic PDF manipulation.

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