Google Mail Search Gets Better

If you are a user of Google’s free e-mail service GMail, you may have started to notice that your search has gotten a bit better.  MakeUseOf had a tip that GMail has added autocomplete to the search bar.  Now, when you type a search in your e-mail account, it will suggest matching words that it knows are in your e-mails, based on its indexing of them.

There has been some concern in legal circles about whether using free GMail was a potential professional breach (see yes and no) because there is automated indexing in order to provide relevant ads.  It is this indexing that is powering the auto-complete in this update.

The MakeUseOf post suggests this will eventually come to Google Apps users as well, who are not subject to the same sort of indexing so it will be interesting to see if this impacts lawyers who shifted to the paid Apps to avoid the advertising and, perhaps, the indexing.  For me, it’s a huge time saver to see suggested words as well as category labels that I may have neglected to browse when trying to find something.

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