Cue (f/k/a Greplin) Updates, Adds Web Search Back

Greplin changed its name to Cue and temporarily disabled its Web search, preferring instead to focus on its iPhone app.  It has now resuscitated its Web search as promised.  If you had a Greplin account before, it’s still there as are your earlier indexes.  They will be out of date and you need to relink your apps (Google Mail, Google Mail for Apps, Dropbox, etc.) to Greplin so that the indexing can recommence.

The interface looks more mobile-oriented, which is not surprising.  The search box and results are constrained in a very narrow column.  If you do a search across all of your cloud content and only want to look at one type of information – e-mail, or files, or contacts – the filter button is now within that same column rather than a separate set of tabs.

I miss the Google Chrome extension that enabled search from within the browser but it’s still a fast way to find information in my personal cloud.

Cue search results page
Cue search results page, showing a filter list of results for files found on Dropbox but excluding e-mails and contacts with the search term. In this case, I’m using to copy Twitter messages to Dropbox that contain useful links in them. This search retrieves them all.

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