Finding Files Faster in Windows

Desktop search remains an underutilized and underappreciated productivity tool for lawyers.  Windows 7 has finally delivered a powerful search feature that will uncover content quickly.  In what seems typical, the default settings are not the most powerful.  Check out these tips to make sure that you’ve tweaked your search to be as useful as possible.  In particular, make sure the search is actually looking at the contents of the files you use, not just their names.  You can also create your own search shortcuts, so that when you hit the Windows button, there are other search choices.

Cloud search is always an option but if you use cloud as a synchronized storage medium, then it means those files also exist on your local machine.  If you can improve and use your desktop search, you will be searching the same content and may use it more than a cloud service.

MakeUseOf had a nice roundup of some lesser known search tools that you can use if you still don’t find Windows built-in search to be powerful enough.  These are not the typical ones you may have heard of, like Copernic or X1.  If you are finding yourself hunting around your hard drive for that file that you know you kept, improving your desktop search may be the best way to do it.

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