Social Media Research with Bottlenose

I have been playing around with Bottlenose for a few months.  It can help you identify linkages between social media messages on Twitter.  This isn’t an area I spend much time focusing on but, when I need it, Bottlenose’s tool can be useful.  It is currently free in public beta but I’m sure, like Topsy’s new premium tool, it will eventually be a freemium application.

This is an example of the sonar function which is really what sets Bottlenose apart.  I searched for the term articling, which is a topic of some interest in the legal profession in Ontario, Canada, at the moment.  You can see the connections between not only the main term and related terms, but also with user names.  This sort of network or visual search view can help you to see patterns that wouldn’t appear by just wading through search results.

Bottlenose Social Search Sonar

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