Managing Cloud Files in the Cloud

Otixo is a way to create seamless file sharing between multiple cloud accounts.  If you are using cloud services to manage your files, you may also have created more than one account with one service.  Otixo attempts to provide a single management layer for those accounts.  The best known – Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Microsoft’s Skydrive, Google’s Drive – are just the tip of the iceberg.  The latter two are free with your broader or accounts.

My personal experience is to use one account for personal files that are synchronized between my home PC and any mobile devices I use.  A second account is used to synchronize specific, non-personnel content from my work computer to the cloud.  In this way, using one service or the other, I can keep a cloud copy of work I have in progress or that is already completed.

I tried out Otixo to see how it worked. It was easy to add multiple cloud accounts and, once created, I could shift a file from one to the other without having to first download it to my computer.  This is not something I do often but I can see how it would be useful.  It means you’re making a copy of a file but – if you’re on an unencrypted mobile device, for example – it means that copy is not leaving an encrypted environment.

Otixo creates a single management dashboard for your cloud file synchronization content.

Otixo has has the ability to share resources from more than one account in what they call a space.  Say, for example, that I was working with colleagues and some of my files were in Google Drive and others were on Dropbox.  Rather than having to move those files to a single resource, I can create a single resource that can incorporate the content from the original sources.  The activities function shows the latest activity the space.  You can select collaborators with which to share information.

My use of cloud storage is relatively limited to providing a backup point of access.  Otixo’s tools aren’t really relevant in that environment since I’m not moving content around.  Another possible  use would be if you are changing from one service to another and just want to drag your content over.  Otixo charges for bandwidth used but free accounts start with 2 GB of transfers a month.  If you are managing your information across multiple cloud file services, it could fill a management need in simplifying your access.

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