Evernote Updates for iOS

Evernote 5 for iOS gets a nice review over at Readwrite.  It sounds like the interface has been redesigned for tablets.  In particular, I like the sound of the ease of getting to the Page Camera.  One benefit of tablets is there ability, with good cameras and larger formats, to act as a useful document capture tool.

I’ve been playing around with both Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote apps on an Android tablet and it’s interesting how different their approaches are.  I like Evernote because it’s so free form – you can assign a tag and associate with multiple other documents or clips.  OneNote has more structure and, from a research perspective, can be a better tool if you have a single matter you are focusing on.  I use Evernote when I’m storing things for later, but I may or may not have a specific use for them at the moment.

If you have been waiting to use Evernote on an iPad, version 5 sounds interesting.  Like so many things related to research, though, you may find that the new interface doesn’t suit how you want to manage information.

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