Highlight and Save Pages with Annotary

If you want to save and mark up Web pages with a tool that’s a bit lighter than Evernote or Microsoft OneNote, Annotary may be an option.  It is a browser extension for Firefox or Google Chrome.  When you hit a Web page that has content you want to save, you click the Annotary button in your Web browser toolbar and save the page.  You can add it to a collection – works like a folder – and you can also add a bookmark.

You can share a single page.  You can also create a group of people, sending them an invitation to participate, and share a collection with them.  This could work well for librarians supporting a practice group or faculty on a given project.  However, the sharing feature seems to be excessively social.  There is a way to see who else has annotated or highlighted the same page, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to turn off this sharing.

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