Citepin Legal Citation Management

This site jumped out at me because of the trend of pin-related sites, like Pinterest.  Citepin is a fee-based service that allows you to upload documents and then apply a set of metadata to them for easy retrieval.  It’s default fields include jurisdiction, so you can tag each document with the appropriate court, document type, and creation date.  If you don’t upload a document, you can still link to an online resource and apply appropriate metadata.  You can try out the site for 2 days and upload 500 MB, or sign up for 1 GB of storage for $36 a year.

The concept is interesting because it provides a shortcut to add law-specific metadata for quick retrieval.  I could see a lawyer using this for a personal knowledge management system.  But the metadata isn’t so rich that you couldn’t create something similar using tags or categories in a product like Evernote.

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