Australian Jade Adds Premium Service

I’ve mentioned Jade a couple of times.  They’re an Australian case law service that I think have created an excellent free product.  They have recently announced a premium service for AU$40 a month.  The free service contains 190,000 decisions.

The premium – Jade Professional – service provides a couple of interesting options.  You can upload documents to the service and they’ll cite check it for you.  They’ve added an online briefcase function, so you can access research and documents while you’re out of the office.  One new feature is their visualization, which appears to create a node-based visual, where you can see relationships between case law results.

The Pro version seems a no-brainer for Australian lawyers.  The new enhancements supplement an already strong case law product (nicely segmented case details, for example, with Jademark bookmarking and Jadetrace links between cases).

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