This blog is the online companion of the text Finding and Managing Legal Information on the Internet, by David Whelan and published by Canada Law Book.  The content is complementary to the text and is intended to enable readers and others to stay up to date on developments, tools, and resources that occur after the text was finalized for publication in January 2012.

This Blog’s Audience

Anyone curious about legal information is welcome here.  The text and the posts on this blog are aimed at giving practical tools and tips to lawyers, paralegals, law librarians and other librarians, and other individuals involved in using legal and other information on the Internet.  Readers will find that most references on the blog, as in the text, can be used in a law practice anywhere in the world.

The Blog Posts

This is not a legal research blog; there are plenty of sites that can give you access to the law or starting points for finding out about it.  Content will be practical, related primarily to the open Internet (rather than subscription databases), and be geared to the legal service providers and those who work with them.

The blog posts on this site represent the interests and opinions of the author, and do not reflect either the opinions or positions of either Thomson Reuters Carswell, Thomson Reuters Canada Law Book or my employer.   This site is privately hosted and maintained by the author.

David Whelan

Photo illustration of David Whelan, author of Finding and Managing Legal Information on the InternetThe author of the text and posts on this blog is David Whelan (@davidpwhelan).  He received his law degree at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock Bowen School of Law and his masters degree in library science at the University of North Texas.  David has worked in academic and non-profit information centers in a variety of capacities, including Director of the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center and Director of the Cincinnati Law Library Association.

During the day, you can find him at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Great Library in Toronto, where he is Manager, Legal Information.  He regularly speaks on law, information, and technology topics and enjoys writing about these topics for people working in and around the legal profession.  His articles have appeared in ABA Law Practice, OBA Briefly Speaking, Law Technology News, and Law Office Computing and David writes a regular column on practice technology at the legal blog, Slaw.ca.  He has also been an adjunct lecturer at the University of Illinois’ Graduate School of Library and Information Science (networked systems, legal research), Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law (legal research), and the University of North Texas (Web design).

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