Bypass the Law Librarian

Law librarians are operating on a legal information value chain. Research lawyers are further up that chain, not because they are better, but because they can move the lawyer closer to the end result. While the type of law library and the law librarian may be limiting factors, there may be opportunities for law libraries to move themselves up that value chain.

Freegal Facelift

Freegal is a free-to-use service licensed through public libraries for music streaming and 5 tracks-a-week downloading. It unveiled a new look on its web site and a revised app, both of which are huge improvements. Not perfect, but public library patrons will find it much easier than before.

Talk Like a Lawyer

People who have been through law school know how to think like lawyers. I was thinking about advice I’d give to lawyers who are speaking at #legaltech events, and decided that lawyers need to prepare like lawyers, and that readily available generic advice may not be that helpful.