Garden Variety

The spring bulbs are up, with the tulips towing over the dandelions and forget-me-nots. Also, the bird feeders were busy, and the chipmunk made a surprise appearance. I like the dandelions, and no longer battle them. Once you think of them as wildflowers, rather than weeds, it seems easier to enjoy them. The forget-me-nots started …

Spring wildflowers

I love this time of year, where it’s still cool and the early wildflowers are making their appearance. Yellow, purple, and white violets, marsh marigolds, and Ontario’s provincial flower the trillium. I took the dog for a walk through Parks Canada’s Rouge Park, near Markham. It’s a lovely park, with a mixture of habitats and …

Spring Robin

Winter has stuck around quite late this year, with an ice storm in the middle of April. The birds are still out and active, and this robin was foraging near a bird feeder.

A Season Gone By

This blog reflects 365 days of photos taken along a portion of the Tom Taylor Trail, in Newmarket, Ontario. It was an opportunity to work on my own observation skills as well as to learn about photography. I’ll occasionally update this site but have posted more regularly and recently on Flickr, where all of my …

Camouflage Expert

I wandered down to the overflow pond to see who was there. A mallard duck was resting on the outcrop between the two pools of water and looked up at me. I watched closely, though, because there appeared to be shifting earth below where the mallard was sitting. And that’s when I saw the sandpiper.

Myrtle Warbler

I’d not seen a Myrtle warbler before – and hadn’t known it under it’s Yellow Rump (or “Butter Butt”) name.  The purpose of this site was to help with my observation skills and visually I’m better, but the birds make me realize how little I can distinguish one bird’s call from another.  The finches and …

Late Summer Monarchs

I’ve seen more monarchs in the last few days than I’ve seen all summer.  The butterflies are well provided for as milkweed goes.  It’s everywhere.  But this monarch butterfly was spending its time in the plentiful goldenrod, bee balm, and prairie coneflowers.