Odd Prints

The snow highlights animal tracks and their paths, making them far more visible in winter than in summer.  I am starting to see the thoroughfares of the rabbits and other small creatures, as well as get a sense for where some of the larger animals may venture.  Of course, some of these are reliant on the winter ice so they may not be the same in summer.  Still, the animal tracks are interesting.

I saw this pair of tracks heading out from the bank to the edge of the ice.  I can’t figure out why one track looks like a typical paw and the other one doesn’t.  It makes me think of a parent pulling along a child who is dragging their feet or shuffling along.  I thought perhaps it was an animal’s tail, but why would only one of the set of tracks have it – unless of course they were not made at the same time.

tracks-to-and-from-water-differentThese tracks appear to be raccoons or some larger animal.  What really surprised me was how they were all side-by-side.  If these are really alternating feet on a quadriped, it’s amazing to think that they can get them aligned so carefully.



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