Human Markers

Humans feel the need to “improve” everything.  The latest improvement to the trails are kilometre markers, to help the many runners and bikers know how far they have gone.  They are carved tree trunks, by Jim Mencken, a chainsaw wood carver.  They’re quite startling now, since the wood has been stained, I think, and signs placed next to the trunks.  [Update: here’s a news article about the markers, totem poles inspired by Ojibway culture]

The two that I have seen so far are a beaver on top of a log and a heron.  Since those are both quite common along this stretch, it seems particularly fitting that they get a bit of recognition.  Based on the broken bottles, spray paint, trash, and even remains of a path-side fire, I can’t say I have great hopes that these wooden carvings will escape more than 6 months unscathed.


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