Beaver Foraging

I walk to the train and notice how the animals shift with daylight, rather than time.  When I walk in the dark, it’s often just me and the dawn chorus warming up.  As dawn breaks before I reach the tracks, many more things are stirring.  The other day, as I stepped past the level crossing, a beaver walked out onto the trail.

2015_0508_06352300-01It didn’t appear to see me and turned and walked over to some thin trees, appearing to sniff them.  It was only as I took a step or two forward that its head went up and it slid down the bank to the water.

Earlier in the week, a beaver swam down the main river.  It slapped its tail every 10 or 15 feet, dove, and then immediately surfaced again.  It was a slow, odd reaction.  I’m not sure if it was protecting a second beaver or just keeping an eye on me.  The tail slap wasn’t the normal wallop you hear when they’re startled.2015_0501_06384300-01

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