Watchful Weasel

The dog and I walk along the river and, while he’s sniffing the grass, I keep an eye on the river.  Even on a windy day, you can see ripples that aren’t natural on the water.  I saw some and watched as a creature swam the river and popped up on our side.  A weasel!
It paused at the river bank and then slowly jumped its way across the low underbrush until it came up almost right to me and the dog. Which was the first time he saw the weasel – he’d been huffing and puffing at me while I stood still, and hadn’t been looking at the animal coming towards us.
Watchful weasel
The weasel continued to move around the grass looking for an auspicious place to cross, I’m assuming, the path. By the time we looked back, he’d disappeared.
Weasel in the weeds

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