Riverside Birds

This spring has been very cold and perhaps that is why I have been seeing some unusual birds.  Yesterday as I walked home from the train, I saw a variety of warblers that were new to me.

Tennessee Warbler

I’m not 100% sure this is a Tennessee warbler but it looks like it from my identification book.  Or it could be a vireo.
Warbler world

American Redstart

Like the warblers, this Redstart was moving around so quickly and far back in the brush I could barely get a snap of it.  At first I thought it might be an oriole but it’s orange is in the wrong places.
American redstart

Yellow Warbler

I usually see a pair of yellow warblers each year but for many years I may have been seeing them but assumed they were finches from a quick view of yellow feathers in a bush.  They’re obviously very different.
Yellow warbler


I like the grackle.  It’s colorful feathers are always attractive and, while it seems like it’s a bit of a bully, always has a spirited look.  This one was hopping around just as I got off the train.
Gracklescent colors

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