Late Summer Monarchs

I’ve seen more monarchs in the last few days than I’ve seen all summer.  The butterflies are well provided for as milkweed goes.  It’s everywhere.  But this monarch butterfly was spending its time in the plentiful goldenrod, bee balm, and prairie coneflowers.

Water Strider

There is a small path that runs from the main trail down to a small creek, where the runoff pond empties through a culvert to the main Holland River.  This water strider – a true bug – was minding its own business, while the dog took a well-earned drink from the running water.  You can …

Return of the Cabbage Moths

It has been a hard time for the woolly bear, and I’ve seen crushed carcasses along the path where they venture out and are trodden, or ridden, on by humans.  The cabbage moths had disappeared for awhile or at least I hadn’t noticed them, but they were in abundance yesterday.

Grasshopper in Long Grass

The crickets have kept hidden even though I can see them in transit from one place to another.  This grasshopper was on the long grass near the path – it looks like another, small, red tibia grasshopper – and stayed still long enough for me to take a picture.

Bug on a Leaf

The bumblebees are covering the blue asters.  I saw lady bugs or some similar type of beetle on nearby plants in the afternoon sun.  They appear to be eating the edges of the leaves of this plant.

Sweet Goldenrod

The bees – a whole variety of them – were swarming the goldenrod, which itself is prolific along the riverbank now.  There’s a period where the yellow flowers are just emerging and then you can see a sea of yellow all around.