Woodpecker Youth

You can hear the woodpecker fledglings from far away, but they’re hard to locate up close. I stood starting into the trees until I saw movement in the smallest conceivable hole. It was confirmed as a nest when an adult returned with food.

Exposed Roots

The river rises and falls and this trees roots are exposed at the low point.  It reminds me of images of the World Tree, Yggrdrasil.  It’s hard to believe there’s much left of the tree on land, or that it will be many years before the rest of the earth erodes.

Rainbow of Leaves

The colors changing more quickly now.  This tree was changing from the outer edge to the inside, with reds and golds slowly turning to green, all on the same branch.  It reminded me of a rainbow.

Fairy Toadstool, Transplanted

Fungus on trees is pretty common.  This small toadstool – or mushroom – was jutting out of the place a tree limb had been, about 10 feet off the ground.  No reason it shouldn’t grow there but it’s the first I’ve seen.  It must be nice and damp in the wood there.

Natural Maple Leaf Flags

The leaves are changing color but not uniformly.  Lots of green still but a few maples have dropped their leaves already and I found a few red ones lying by themselves.  They remind me of Canadian flags in their natural habitat.

Dark Berries

All the berries have ripened now and those that aren’t being actively devoured may hang around into winter.  There have been hordes of birds in the trees but I have noticed, at least during last winter, that the number of birds didn’t necessarily mean all of the available food disappeared.

Autumn Colors

The trees have started to turn although it is still hit and miss.  Some of gone to a deep red and orange and others are still entirely green.  These latter may just go straight to brown and fall off.

More Apples

More of the apples.  The sunlight made them look so appealing I didn’t to miss an opportunity to record what they looked like.  More frequently than I would have expected, I find that if I do not take a picture to capture what I’ve seen, it may not be there the next day.

Wild Apples

The apples have ripened into lovely red fruit.  The windfalls have also increased, so there will be some happy animals reaping those, I’m sure.  A tree that people walk below has had its apples trampled, and the smell of alcohol from the fermenting fruit is quite rich there.