Asters and Goldenrod

It is late summer along the Holland River and the purple asters have taken over from the white daisies.  They’re especially striking amongst the tall yellow goldenrod.

Muskrat Rushes

One afternoon on the way home, the water was deep and the ducks were dabbling.  Then a muskrat swam up and started grabbing the rushes from near the edge of the pond.

Cedar Waxwing in the Rain

The yellow tips on a bunch of birds zipping around in the rain finally clued me in that these were the cedar waxwings.  I thought I’d seen them before, but those were the Bohemians.

Black Raspberries Ripen

These look like ripe raspberries but are black raspberries about halfway to their final color.  The bushes were full for a while but it’s been a hot summer and a lot of berries shriveled before they were eaten.  What a waste.

Brown-Eyed Susan

We have a number of these flowers – brown-eyed susans, black-eyed susans, and the prairie coneflower – all along the runoff pond by the Tom Taylor trail.

Beaver Breakfast

I’ve shifted my schedule to catch an earlier train and I’m seeing a slightly different slice of life on the trail in the morning.  This will change as the days shorten and the light disappears but it’s meant more animal encounters, even with some bad light.  One of the beavers was busy with breakfast and …

Singing Sparrow

The sparrows seem to be the least concerned about passersby.  The finches and warblers move on very quickly but a sparrow will sit and sing despite me stopping to watch.  I haven’t identified this one – I need to do a better job of recalling their song – but it was certainly belting out its …

Sweet Forget-Me-Nots

The Forget-Me-Nots – from the German for Vergissmeinnicht – are back everywhere along the river.  I’d seen just a bunch or two and now they’ve exploded.  They’re so small, it’s easy to miss the interesting details in the middle of these lovely flowers.